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ACARAMIK® 1.8 EC acts by ingestion and contact to control mites, miners and suckers of cultivated plants of flowers, citrus, onions and more.

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DILIGENT® 72 SC consists of a mixture of metalaxyl and mancozeb, featuring a protective and curative effect.

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GLIDER® 72 SC is a Chlorothalonil-based fungicide with contact action and protectant for preventive application in the control of a wide range of pathogenic fungi and crops.

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ICASSO® 24 EC is a post emergence herbicide to kill grasses and is absorbed rapidly and translocates to foliage, roots and plant meristems, causing the death of unwanted plants.

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INGRO® 5 EC is a larvicidal insecticide, excellent in the control of Lepidoptera in various crops.

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IXUS® 20 SC provides excellent broad spectrum insecticide for the control of chewing, sucking, and scraping insects in crops such as cotton, rice and potatoes, and more.

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JACKPOT® 5 EC is a pyrethroid insecticide that acts by contact and ingestion with effective residual activity to disrupt the nervous system of target insects.

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KRUGAR® 25 SL is a post emergence herbicide, selective to legume crops that acts by contact to control broadleaf weeds in legumes crops.

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LASH® 90 SP works rapidly by contact and translaminar action. It is an ovicide, larvicide, and adulticide effective on many lepidopterous pests.

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PLOT® 60 WG is a selective systemic herbicide that is absorbed by the roots and foliage and translocates to the apex of the plants where it exerts its action. Controls a wide range of broadleaf weeds in rice, pastures, coffee, wheat, barley, and oats in post-emergence applications.

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PRIMERO® 75 WG is an herbicide featuring Nicosulfuron with systemic action, selective for the cultivation of corn, and recommended for the control of grass weeds and some broadleaf weeds.

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ROTAPRID® 70 WG is a systemic insecticide that acts by contact and ingestion with strong systemic action. Susceptible insects are paralyzed and die.

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ROTAPRID GOLD® 37.5 SC acts by contact and ingestion to control sucking and chewing insects in various crops. It is systemic translaminar in the plant and has a long residual effect.

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SADDLER® 35 FS is an insecticide for application to the seeds, and the active ingredient is slowly released, controlling present pests by contact and/or ingestion.

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SALUZI® 35 SC is a systemic insecticide that acts by contact and ingestion to control sucking insects and other pests in various crops and is a systemic translaminar in the plant featuring a long residual effect.

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TANTOR® 25 SC is a broad spectrum systemic fungicide with protective and curative action on a wide range of phytopathogenic fungi.

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XSTRATA® 25 SC is a systemic fungicide, with protectant, eradicant and anti-sporulant action.

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